How It Became

The Average Working Mom, Living In Miami

Hello! Or should I say, hola?


I'm Elizabeth, your average 29 year old, working mom.​

Born and raised in Miami, FL.

However, there's a minor plot twist on this Miami-native.

I'm a white girl.

  A white girl born and raised in Miami who has no Spanish speaking skills. I know, insane right?  How do I survive? How do I even communicate with people here?

Well, to start I have an amazing fiancé, Alex. He's originally from Honduras, so he tends to help me where I fail (which is in most areas I must shamefully admit). We are two modern day non-college graduate adults trying to make ends meet like most people our age.





In March of 2016 we welcomed our first daughter, Madison. She's a bundle of fun and just the best big sister to her sister, Riley, who we just welcomed into our family February 2019. 

This is our life && I'm sharing my journey of it with all of you.

I'll also be sharing products, opinions and anything else you can think of.


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