Stand Up.

Hola guys !

I'm not sure if you guys have reviewed my "About" section yet, but if you haven't...

I'm a white girl, living in Miami and don't speak any Spanish.

Yes, I have a job at a corporate office and yes, I have figured out multiple ways around speaking Spanish (can't wait for everyone's opinion to just start rolling in on this one).

My office, is just like every other place. Loads of work, not enough pay but a ton of people pretending to be your boss. This situation happens to me on the daily. I've actually, already, put my foot down, keep putting my foot down, and keep on pissing people off by telling them where I stand (this obviously excludes my boss). However, I've been called fearless by multiple people because of it.

It makes you wonder, is that really what being fearless is now?

After watching Madison, I would say throwing yourself from a coffee table to a toy and not knowing how to walk or so much as even be able to balance is fearless.

I think people have confused standing up for yourself with being fearless. I can tell you right now, I am not fearless enough to leave my job for another opportunity. It scares me, the thought of being on a three month probation and at the end of it, the company doesn't like how I work. Say goodbye to those paychecks and hello to job fairs. But, telling people I've already accumulated too much work and can't keep up with the demand and their stuff needs to either wait or they need to do it them self doesn't worry me one bit.

I have a daughter now and standing up for myself is worth way more than being fearless.

So don't be afraid, stand up.

Outfit - Just an old Carters Valentine's Day onsie (Handme Down)

Cat and Jack Jeggings (Target)

Headband made by Alex's aunt

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