The Working Mom Guilt.

Madison's first birthday has come and gone. We had the most amazing time celebrating her birthday with our family and closest friends. The food was great, the decor was simple and the gifts were grand!

We, as I've stated before have the most amazing support system surrounding us. Everyone is a tremendous help when it comes to helping us do anything involving Madison. As an example, just on her birthday, we only had 30 minutes to set up her party, everyone who arrived early helped us pull off the entire event.

It was simple, because really, she won't remember it anyways. But in my opinion, it was a perfect day.

When I got back to work on Monday, one of my co workers came up to me, "Wow, your daughter is already one years old, time flies."

It hit me.

The working mom guilt.

I've probably spent about 75% of her first year, working. I've been blessed to have every moment recorded by her abuela and every first to thankfully be in front of myself and Alex on a weekend (so far, she still doesn't walk and i'm probably jinxing myself as I type this). I couldn't help but automatically feel so guilty that I haven't spent more time with her.

You see, Alex and I live around downtown and abuela lives about 20 minutes from us. We wake up at 5:00 AM every single workday to drop her off to avoid any traffic. We work late and by the time we pick her up and get home, it's already 8:30 PM or later. We have around an hour and a half or less of playtime before it's time for her bedtime routine. We do this, five times a week. The stress gets to Alex and I more often than you think, being in a car for most of our time is killer. But we have to be thankful we have someone whom we can trust to watch her.

You would think having her abuela be able to take care of her and constantly sending me pictures would soften the blow of being at work, but it doesn't. I love the pictures, don't get me wrong. I just feel so guilty that it's not me with her, but at the same time seeing her light up when I get to her at the end of the day, being able to afford a roof over her head that isn't one of her grandparents and buying her cute new outfits is totally worth it.

She deserves the best and Alex and I are doing everything we can to make it happen.

Madison's Outfit: Alex ordered it off of Amazon, yes, the shoes also.

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