Madison's First "I HATE YOU" Scream.

Let me just tell you how much I hate taking Madison to the doctor alone. Something always goes wrong, like last time, she took the biggest explosive poop and got it all over herself, the car seat, and some on the actual car before even entering the doctors office. During her appointment, she ended up peeing on me when I was taking her from the naked weigh ins back to the room (no, her diaper was not fully secured on her yet and yes, first time mom mistake assuming I could make it to the table in .1 seconds before it did happen).

With that being said, she had her twelve month check up last Wednesday and I had to take her alone due to the fact that Alex couldn't leave work early. It probably went a lot easier than you guys think I'm about to say it went, but at least for me, it was mortifying.

Madison was all smiles when we arrived to the office. She isn't normally a fan of strangers or new places but she was in a good mood that day. I was hopeful. We had made it from the car and into the doctors office and still haven't had any explosive poop or awkward stare down competitions with people.

After her routine check up with the doctor, he let me know she was in perfect health but she still had to get three shots.

Now, before I go on. I have to say, I absolutely love the staff at Gables Pediatrics. I have yet to encounter an employee whom is impatient or can't deal with a crying kid. So when the nurse came in, Madison wasn't nervous which meant I was wasn't nervous.

The first shot that happened, ouch. The second one, super ouch. The third one, crying bloody murder.

Once she finished the shots, I grabbed her to help calm her down like any mom would. Our nurse went to help console her as well, but as soon as she attempted to pat Madison's back...

That's when it happened.

Madison's first "I HATE YOU" scream. The nurse jumped and ran out of the room.

I'm not sure if the scream scared her or she just knew it was better if she left. But she did stay behind the door cracking up. I could just feel the embarrassment run throughout my body. I mean, she's only a year old and you could definitely feel the anger she had against her in that scream.

The nurse tried peering in again, only to have Madison see her and scream the SAME exact way. I died. This was probably one of the nicest nurses in the history of nurses and she was screaming at her with such hate! The nurse found it amusing, at least, but I can't say the same for myself. Once she finally calmed down, we left, but Madison's good mood was no longer the same from when we first entered.

Next time, Alex is taking her to the appointment.

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