Disney Fun.

Alex and I are annual pass holders for Walt Disney World.

Call it lame, a waste of money or whatever you wish, but I love it. The escape of reality and comfort in knowing you'll always have fun there is totally worth it.

Plus, Madison gets in free til she's 3.

This past weekend we went to Disney with Alex's family. They've never been and it was just spectacular to be able to show them around and watch his four year old sister Vicky be mesmerized by the magic Disney World holds.

We started out on Friday evening at Animal Kingdom and then made our way to Magic Kingdom, where we rode Mount Everest and Winnie the Pooh. In the line at Mount Everest, Andrea was as cool and laid back like if she's been on the ride before. Well, that was a giant front, once the ride began to go up, she started panicking. "Hold my hand." She told me, once the ride got to a certain point she just kept asking me "Is this where we go backwards? Was that the drop? What happens next ?" Once the ride ended, she loved it !

Saturday, we spent the majority of our day at Magic Kingdom to catch up on all of the rides that we missed on Friday night. We got to watch the parade and the show that they do on the castle, it was definitely a treat. We went back to the hotel when it began to get a little too hot and the kids were already passed out from exhaustion. When everyone finally woke up again, we made our way to Epcot an hour before closing time where we rode Finding Nemo and went in the ball. While on Sunday, we started our morning off at Hollywood Studios and ended at Animal Kingdom.

At Hollywood Studios, Genesis was the most nervous to go on Tower of Terror. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of the ride, but I will go on. Andrea and I sat next to one another while Genesis chickened out the first time. Once we got off the ride, Genesis saw how excited we were and was dying to go on. So we got back into line and she went on. I'll just let the embarrassing picture speak for her reaction.

The days were hot, the nights were chilly but the memories we made were perfect. The only thing we truly missed was Alex's sister Diana who had to work that weekend but we'll make it up to her.

Madison, Vicky, Abuelo and Daisy Duck at Hollywood Studios

Madison at Animal Kingdom

Madison & Tio Marco at Disney's All Star Music Resort

Tia Andrea & Vicky at Magic Kingdom

Alex & Madison at Disney's All Star Music Resort

Alex & Madison at Hollywood Studios

Abuelo, Vicky, Madison & Daisy Duck at Hollywood Studios

Madison & I at the Disney All Star Music Resort

Alex, Genesis & I at Hollywood Studios

Alex & Madison at Epcot

Madison, Abuelo & Vicky outside of Magic Kingdom

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