Parenting Conflict.

This might sound very untruthful for a lot of people, however, Alex and I rarely fight.

Our communication has been so in sync lately. Other then the normal " I did the laundry last time, it's your turn" we aren't big on serious arguments. We're very in tune with each others feelings and really hear one another out when something just begins to bother us (don't think this happened overnight people, it's been a very long road to get here).

Well, just a few days ago we ran into our first parenting conflict.


Madison slept through the night when she was about 6 days old. When she hit four months, the teething began and threw use through a giant loop that we missed during her newborn phase.

Now that she's already a year, she still wakes up in the middle of the night multiple times for a bottle. We've been attempting every kind of solution possible and now Alex wants to just let her cry it out (which I'm not so okay with). Hearing her cry for longer than 30 seconds causes me extreme anxiety as it is. Which results to me giving in, and patting, cuddling or feeding her.

Finally, Alex got fed up enough to speak about it in not the most gentle way possible but got it through my very stubborn brain. I cannot let her continue to think I'll always comfort her in the middle of the night. My body, Alex's body and our mental state of being needs a full nights sleep. Especially when we both have important jobs and constant housework that needs to be kept up (laundry).

So for the past few nights, we've been letting Madison cry it out and I've taken into serious consideration purchasing earplugs. Any suggestions on the better brand ? Just kidding.

How did you handle this stage with your baby and how was your partner handling it? I'm definitely looking for support on this one.

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