Dad Knows Best

Remember my post Parenting Conflict ? Here's an updated on how all three of us are managing.

Madison is sleeping (somewhat) through the night.

Looks like, Dad Knows Best after all.

With two weeks of constant crying in the middle of the night, Madison is now sleeping through the night without the necessity of a bottle. WOO HOO !

But, she's now throwing her entire body from side to side smacking both of us in the face.

What I cannot understand is how a one year old is able to hit both of us in the face within a two minute time frame while "sleeping". It has to be karma for taking her bottle away, it's the only logical explanation I have for it.


Also, if you haven't seen my Instagram lately, we have a walker !

She's been walking for a little over three weeks now and she still looks like a drunk pirate. She's been getting better with time, but for now, it's a total blast to see.

Madison has this thing when we're trying to go right, she wants to go left. Which means when we had tried to force her to go the direction we want, she would throw a tantrum.

So, we've decided to make it into a game. Whenever she wants to go the opposite way, we have dad pretend he's going to eat her.

She runs in terror to my direction to get picked up and off we go in the direction we are headed.

It's a win - win.

Myself: Disney World Minnie Mouse Book Bag; Black Converse; Black Forever 21 Leggings; White Marvel Tee

Madison: Osh Kosh Overalls and White Tank Top

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