The Not-So-Surprise-Party

Every Memorial Day Weekend we celebrate my best friend Alexandra's birthday. Whether we're at the beach, in a club or both we always have a blast.

This year, we managed things for Alexandra's 26th birthday a little differently.

We threw a pool party instead.

Our best friend Nelson and myself with the help of Nelson's sisters and Alex, ignored Alexandra the week leading up to her party. On Saturday, Alexandra text us wanting to go to the beach.

No one responded.

We were lucky enough to find out that one of her friends Eli had taken her, but the story goes that she wouldn't stop speaking about the fact that none of her friends responded, or whoever did respond, shut her down.

She knew we were throwing a party on Sunday, making this the not-so-surprise-party.

We made it official that there would be a party at Nelson's house, but not official it was for her.

We had a giant unicorn themed party, from the giant unicorn float, to the unicorn balloons and even a unicorn cake.

Alexandra is obsessed with the magical animal and she was obsessed with her entire party.

Her family and friends all showed up to spend the entire day/night with her.


All of the products are linked on the picture, so click away to find them!


While on the other hand, we had Madison, the true life of the party going through plenty of outfit changes throughout the day and dancing and singing to Despacito.

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