Best Diaper Cream in the Game.

Hola readers !

Alex and I have struggled for a while trying to figure out what the best diaper cream there is out there and we think we've definitely found it.

There is not a single doubt in my mind that A&D is the best diaper cream in the game.

This stuff is literally a miracle worker !

We've had a few people tell us to purchase it for sometime now, but we had received some from our baby shower and wanted to see which ones worked best for Maddie.

We've tried Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Destin, and Burt's Bees but A&D is our winner.

Unfortunately, sometimes, mistakes happen (like leaving a dirty diaper on too long).

Madison had a really bad diaper rash not too long ago. For an example, we were taking an evening walk around the neighborhood and we didn't notice she had gone poop until we got back to the house (which was 30 minutes later) and we went to change her diaper, she ended up with a horrible diaper rash which was causing her discomfort.

Within minutes after getting Madison cleaned up, placing her into a room temperature bath, and putting A&D on, she was feeling way better, and come the next morning the rash was basically gone.

It seemed like magic to me !

Madison: Moana tank top (Old Navy); hot pink stride rite shoes (Target); hot pink bubble shorts (Carters)

The other products are great, and they do work, however, for Madison A&D is our choice ! It works nearly instantly for her and now we won't use anything else.

Which diaper cream do you guys use for your little ones? Comment below.

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