Preparing For A Hurricane With Baby

Hey guys !

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida, I thought I would share a list of a few items to have for your little one and yourself to be prepared.

Remember to have supplies to last about three days!


1. Water - Think about enough water to not only hydrate yourself and them but for washing && sterilizing bottles also.

2. Baby Food/Canned Food - Baby food is definitely a must, I suggest pouches so you don't need utensils && don't forget to grab a few soups and canned foods for yourself.

3. Powdered Formula - This way it can't go bad, nothing worse than the smell of spoiled milk.

4. Pedialyte - Extra hydration for that heat.

5. Snacks - Don't forget some of their favorite snacks, the best idea is cereal due to shelf life expectancy.

6. Bread (PB&J) - You can never go wrong with a PB&J (unless your allergic of course), or you can use that canned tuna to make some yummy tuna sandwiches also.

7. Utensils - In case all of the pouched baby food was purchased before you could get to it.

8. Diapers - A weeks worth, you can never have enough !

9. Wipes - Make sure to stock up on these too (it's not like it won't get used anyway)

10. Packed Bags - Have a bag of clothes packed if you need to evacuate, don't forget your own stuff too momma !

11. Ziploc bags - Put all the important documents in these to help keep the water out and place it in a safe area where you believe will be the driest.

12. Bottles - The more bottles, the less sterilizing/cleaning, the less water wasted.

13. Infant Tylenol - Just because, you never know.

14. Diaper Cream - Heat + diaper = bound to happen.

15. Security Blanket or Animal - Something that helps make them feel a little better.

16. Toy - Get that teething ring, that V-Tech, whatever it is to help keep them entertained.

17. Soap/Sunscreen - Make sure you have enough bath soap && sunscreen just in case you'll be spending time outside once the hurricane is gone if the power went out.

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