So recently, I had an old high school friend DM (direct message) me on Instagram (Miami's Working Mom). The topic was simply about where I work and if I had Maddie in daycare. As I've said in previous blog posts, we're lucky enough to have Alex's parents watch her during the day while we work, and well....from there I went kinda crazy talking about daycare with her.

Alex and I almost placed Madison into daycare at 7 weeks old, which is when it was time for me to return to work. We searched high and low for the right place to put her with the best care and most affordable for us.

Once we had found one, Alex's family came over to visit Madison. Which is when, they convinced us to let them watch her and assured us that there would always be one of them home to watch her. We just had to make the drive from downtown to down south, which, ended up being cheaper in gas and tolls than a week's worth of daycare. So we did it.


The idea of daycare to me is actually great, I know a lot of people are against it and don't believe in putting their child in a strangers hands but I believe that after a certain age, it's a great place for your child to be. Now, don't get me wrong moms. There is no shame in placing your child in daycare at an early age, we all have bills to pay and jobs that need to be returned to so if you do this with your little's, you go girl!

They learn so much in daycare it is unreal, a lot of programs offer fantastic curriculum for them, as simple as teaching them how to use a spoon and even learning school material before they start school (which I feel like every kid already knows before Kindergarten these days.). They get to socialize with one another and really begin to make friends.

To be honest, I'm a little excited to see Madison in daycare just to watch how much she learns in such a short period of time. To see how many friends she makes and how she behaves with someone other than family.

For now though, she's having a blast with her abuela/abuelo and tia's and tio.

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