The Stomach Virus.

Last week, was an awful week for Alex's family and ourselves which leads you to my story of The Stomach Virus.


On Monday morning, Alex's little sister Vicky had gone into the doctors office with the stomach virus and by Tuesday night, Madison caught had it.

Around 9:30 PM, I was playing with Madison, she was climbing up and down the couch as usual. She was making grunting sounds like if she was pulling something and then BOOM ! Throw up. Alex was washing the dishes and ran over with paper towels to clean while I rushed her into the bathtub.

Now, I'm not one of those moms who every time their child has something happen to them run to the hospital (which most of us younger first time moms tend to do). I will just about always wait until the morning (unless it is affecting her severely). The less medication and the more her immune system is put to the test to build a tolerance, the better. Besides, she was her naturally happy and playful self, she wasn't showing any signs of discomfort other than when she would actually throw up.

When it was time for bed, which yes, we do co sleep. We laid towels all on top of the pillows and sheets, gave her the infamous Simba Blanket and hoped she wouldn't wake up to throw up. Which unfortunately, wasn't the case. She was waking up every 30 - 45 minutes throwing up, which we would wake up, remove the towel and replace it with a new one. At around 2:00 AM, she woke up yet again to throw up but had nothing left. We attempted to give her Pedialyte which she quickly refused and that's when Alex asked if he thought we should take her to the hospital and I told him if she wakes up one more time, I will greatly consider it.

About 15 minutes later, she woke up, attempted to throw up what was nothing left in her little tummy and that's when I told Alex, maybe we should go. She was already knocked out again by the time I told him this. I couldn't bring myself to move her from her comfort spot cuddled under my arm and against my chest, she was sound asleep already, so we went back to bed.

She slept the rest of the morning, thankfully with no more wake ups other than when we had to go drop her off at abuela's house.

While we were at work, we were sent videos and pictures of a baby who was running around, climbing and playing with her Tia Vicky. She was fine, but I definitely wasn't because now, it was my turn. The stomach virus made it's way to everyone of us who care or spend time with Maddie and Vicky, the latest victims include my best friend Nelson and my mom.

To everyone suffering with this thing this season, I wish you the best of luck and hopefully it helps you lose those 10 pounds you were hoping to lose before the holidays. Be well my friends !

This entire outfit is brought to you by Tia Vicky's hand me downs! (Carters)

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