Black Friday Traditions

There's no shame in my game ! I'm a full on Black Friday shopping supporter.


Every year since I can ever remember, my mom would go Black Friday shopping, so of course it was only natural that my older sister and I picked up on it.

Once my moms company had to start working the day after Thanksgiving, my sister and I would continue the tradition early in the mornings and then continue later in the evenings with her once she was off of work. (I'm sure some of you must think i'm crazy, but i'm sure most of you are just as guilty for doing it at least one year to get that must have item that is a crazy good deal.)

However, we ONLY shop on Friday though. We always leave Thanksgiving day for our families, no deal is too good to leave time from loved ones that we only see once in a while for.

Especially since we feel the pain of having to exclude a family member from our dinners, for example, my brother in law works on Thanksgiving day, which is never fun since he's such a joy at the table. Along with some of Alex's family, as they too work retail.

Which proves even more of a reason we only shop on Friday's.


What traditions do you do the day after Thanksgiving ? Is it fighting the crowds like my sister and I ? Or is it staying in and keep on gobbling down those leftovers ?

Let me know in the comments below. :)

Here are some photos from our first Thanksgiving as a family last year.

(All of our outfits were from H&M which is not linked)

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