Disney Christmas Trip.

Last year, Alex and I decided that we were going to make a tradition going to Disney every holiday season. We decided we would do it the first week or two into December (right before our annual pass block out dates). We would take pictures with Santa in Disney Springs, explore Magic Kingdom's festive magic and try to keep Madison as warm (and happy) as possible.

This year, we did things a bit different.

We started our weekend in Epcot, where they were holding the Festival of the Holidays. It was a little rainy and a little more than freezing for us Miami people. We went on to explore the World Showcase where they were offering different drinks and foods for the holidays. We stopped to take a bathroom break in America (which is where everyone decided they were hungry). While in America, Alex's cousins had noticed a man wearing a red and white suit, SANTA CLAUS ! Since the temperatures were expected to drop into the low 30's that night, we decided it would be best to take the picture with Santa (plus a bonus of Mrs. Claus) in Epcot. You'll see from the pictures that Madison was definitely, not a fan of the two. Even though, they were probably two of the nicest people. They let Alex and I sit in their chairs while they crouched down next to us to take the picture while we held Madison. After the traumatizing time for Madison with Mr. and Mrs. Claus we went on to explore the rest of the World Showcase.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Disney Springs due to the cold weather and us not being prepared enough to brave it. So we just stayed in with his cousins and enjoyed some yummy Indian food.

On Sunday, we were able to explore the festive magic of Magic Kingdom. We took the ferry boat over, got into the park and went straight into get some much needed coffee (because it was still freezing). Madison fell asleep for literally half of the time we were there but that doesn't mean us adults didn't enjoy it!

A little bit after 12PM, Madison woke up from her nap and we were able to catch the parade in which we had never taken the time to watch. She's a huge Frozen fan, but when Ana and Elsa passed by, all she could do was stare them down. However, when Mickey and Minnie Mouse passed through, Madison clapped and cheered with excitement.

I wanted to have Maddie meet Mickey and Minnie, however the lines were just too long. We decided we would catch them next year since we still had to make a drive back home to be at work on Monday morning. It was a beautiful trip, and Disney didn't disappoint.

Here's a few moments I love sharing with you guys.

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