How We Schedule Our Family Christmas's.

This was our second Christmas with Madison in our lives and it just makes it way more exciting for not just us, but everyone around us also. Now, as a quick reference, Alex's mom and dad separated when he was younger meaning we have two houses to visit with just his family and then we go to my parents as well.

We try and schedule ourselves as best as we can so that Madison isn't overtired and able to be as happy as can be for each house visit we make (because no one likes a grumpy toddler).

Thankfully, in Miami, it's very common to celebrate Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), so we're able to fit all three families into two days.

We actually start on the night before Noche Buena, the 23rd, we make sure to go to sleep at a decent hour (kinda how you would put the kids to bed early on Christmas Eve), so that we're all awake and ready to head to his dad's house a little before lunch time with coffee and a small breakfast in our bellies, because you if guys know how much food is prepared for Noche Buena, than a very small breakfast is best.

We arrive to his dads house a little past noon or so since it's quiet a ways from us. We hang out for a bit, have some appetizers and then have a giant lunch which we try not to over indulge in (which is very difficult because his dad can cook!). After satisfying (stuffing) ourselves, we open a few gifts and head out shortly after.

Once we get home, I start getting ready for the next house. Alex puts Madison down for a nap around 4:00PM. His moms family stays up late partying and open gifts at midnight, so the late nap is a necessity. We try to have her nap for about an hour and a half to two hours. We arrive at his moms a little earlier than the rest of his family that we can get to the delicious dinner they've prepared and give Maddie time to eat without the craziness of his family stealing her away for pictures and dancing

We open gifts at 12:00AM, party a little more and head home around (the usual) at 3:00AM and go straight to bed.

You would think that Christmas Day is a little easier since it's just my family that we visit for the day, but it's not. We wake up around noon, get ready and head out to my grandmas. We have our lunch, read some bible stories for my grandma and then open, a TON of gifts. No joke, the gifts take at least 3 hours to go through (which most of them are Madison's). This year, as her stack kept piling, I jokingly asked my mom if she bought us a house because we already don't have enough space for all the items everyone has given us, especially since the night before we had already received a generous amount of toys and clothes.

Around 7:00PM we finally wrap up all Christmas festivities for the year and head home to unpack the car, pack Madison's room and put her down for bed the rest of the night. Alex and I always unwind with a nice glass of red wine with the Christmas tree lit before finally joining Maddie.

As hectic and exhausting as our schedule seems, we adore every moment we get with our families, watching Madison light up with everyone is a gift of its own and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Madison's PJs are from Target (Carters Brand)

My Onsie/ Madison's PJ's - Target - Alex's outfit - H&M (including the socks)

Madison's Outfit for Noche Buena - Osh Kosh B'Gosh

Madison's Outfit - Carters

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