Magic Kingdom Favorites With A Toddler.

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As much as us young parents love Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (for alcohol purposes of course). Magic Kingdom is in my books the best place for toddlers ! There are so many more rides and experiences there for them, plus the food is every toddlers go to. So I'm sharing a few of my favorite spots for toddlers.


Favorite Rides:

1. Mad Tea Party

These historic spinning tea cups have been a memory for all ages, round and round you go, when you stop, nobody knows! You get to spin as fast as you like or in my case, just enjoy the ride (without increasing the puke risk).

2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Bounce along with Tiger and the rest of the characters in one of Pooh's delicious Hunny Pots (don't worry, there is no actual honey involved) as you explore the Hundred Acre Woods.

3. Under the Sea - Journey of The Little Mermaid

Ride inside a purple shell and tour around the sea with Ariel and her friends, but be careful, you might run into the evil sea witch Ursula!

4. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Ever since I saw that episode of Full House when they were riding on Dumbo, I've always had my eye on this ride. Plus, they have a playground inside the line, how much better can that get !? (insert toddler meltdowns here)

5. Prince Charming Regal Carousel

As traditional as can be, you can't ever get tired of seeing the joy on your little one's face riding on a horse going round and round and up and down.

6. Peter Pan's Flight

Fly high above London and peer down on all the marvelous adventures Peter Pan takes you on. Your little is sure to be amazed with this one.

7. Jungle Cruise

You'll want to catch this boat ride as you get to tour many different rivers and find some fun and dangerous animals.


Favorite Experiences:

1. Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater

As I had discussed in my previous blog post Madison Meets Mickey Mouse, he is phenomenal and definitely an experience you have to have yourself even if you don't have kids yet !

2. Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station

With Florida's summer heat, this little splash zone is sure to give you and your little one a nice break from the blazing sun. Don't forget to pack an extra outfit !

3. Walt Disney World Railroad

I feel like not many people know that you can actually ride the train, and it takes you to different areas in the park without causing blisters and you even get to go through the ride Splash Mountain !


Favorite Food Spots:

1. Casey's Corner

Hot dogs, corn dogs, macaroni & cheese hot dogs, chili-cheese hot dogs and even Cuban hot dogs ! This place and that macaroni & cheese hot dog is my favorite place to stop at if I just want a good hearty meal. I suggest going in right before the lunch hour rush happens to find a seat. If not, just use your Disney Experience Application and order with there mobile pick up feature.

2. Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

Hot dogs aren't your thing ? Tomorrowland has burgers and even a vegetarian burger as well. The plus side, it's located right next to the purple wall.

3. Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

Cheese burger, Chicken Sandwich, Hot Dog, Salads, Pulled Pork this restaurant is your go to spot if each of your family members are craving separate things. Plus, they have s'mores.


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