Moonlite Bedtime Storytime Projector.

Alex and I have been struggling with putting Madison to bed lately. All she wants to do at bedtime is jump on the bed screaming "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" and fall down, time and time again. So when I was in Target one day, I came across the Moonlite Bedtime Story Projector. For those of you who don't know, Madison is a HUGE book fanatic. She loves looking at the pictures and pointing out the objects and asking " What's this?" So I didn't even hesitate to put it into my cart.


I purchased the starter pack, which brings two books and the projector. The two books are Goodnight Moon and Sago Mini On Vacation. The Moonlite Projector actually attaches to your phone && the application tells you exactly where to place it so the flash light from your phone can project the pictures onto your wall. To read the book all you need to do, is swipe left (like a parental version of tinder) to go onto the next page and turn the reel down a notch to get to the next slide.

We have the hard copy of Good Night Moon so, I figured starting with a familiar book would help grasp her attention more. Once I put the projector onto the wall, all you could hear from Madison was "WOW! Mommy look !" The pictures are so clear and easy to follow that once the book was done, I told her "Goodnight Madison" in which she responded, "Goodnight Mommy." She fell right asleep! Since we've started using the Moonlite Story Projector as a nightly routine, it makes bedtime something for Madison to look forward to and easy to put down for the night once the story is over.

So go and check out your local Target for your own Moonlite Bedtime Story Projector !

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