Work After Baby.

Everyone talks about how hard it is to return to work after having a baby but no one really explains why. I, myself, felt pressured to not only bounce back emotionally, but in the business aspect as well.

We all know leaving your baby isn't easy, but trying to focus on your piled up work load you neglected for 6-12 weeks and making sure your little one is on the same routine you've had them on, will make the most sane person go crazy.

Your mind just isn't back yet, and for those employees who had there kids 15 years ago, don't tell me you remember the long nights, because it's more than that.

It's the constant fear of missing a milestone, of worrying if they are learning what they should be, the possibility of SIDS that doctors drill into your head, and the quality time missed because your at a desk 70% of the day.




Some people don't even realize/remember how much time is taken even after the baby.

You have the monthly check ups, the days taken because the baby is sick, plus your own appointments and YES, WE DO NEED A REAL VACATION SOMETIMES.


Your boss/coworkers, they will say things like:

"Who cares if she has a baby, I have kids too and I don't take off like she does."

No Sandy, your 16 year old daughter who can drive herself around and take a pill like a pro already doesn't count.

My favorite,

"Why are you missing a day because she's sick? Don't your parents watch her for you?"

Yes, Sandy, they do, but do I really think it's the best to wake my baby up at 5AM after a night of non-stop throw up? No, I'll take the pay deduction for the day, thanks.

Also, the classic,

"Why can't your husband do it?"

Yes, he does it just as much as I do, but it's my turn again.


They don't know your life outside of the office, they don't see the amount of time your spouse is also taking, and they are definitely not the ones taking care of your child.

Little things add up and the first year with your baby is everything! As exhausting and frustrating it can get, it has to be done.

So take the time, you will figure out how to make ends meet when it comes down to it because once that time is gone, you won't get it back.

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