First Trimester for the Working Mom.

SURPRISE ! We're expecting baby number two come March 2018.


During my pregnancy with Madison, I was one of the lucky few who didn't have very many issues during my first trimester. I threw up here && there thanks to some foods that I would say til this day, Madison actually hates (ex. watermelon && anything KFC related). However, this pregnancy has already been the toughest first trimester I've experienced. Here's a few tips for the First Trimester for the Working Mom.


Morning Sickness AKA Always Sick

If your unlucky, like me, the morning sickness might just last you all morning, or all night or whenever it decides to show up. As a working adult, I cannot go home or stay home every time I feel like the first trimester is beating me. One of my friends during my first pregnancy with Madison, recommended Preggo Pops to me and I've become a strong supporter of them since! They literally remind me of Jolly Ranchers and they come in a variety of flavors and these have helped reduce my constant borderline queasy stomach. I get mine at my local Buy Buy Baby.

Energy Boosters

The exhaustion is real, plus being limited on how much caffeine you can drink is rough. I've actually been attempting to cut caffeine all together but it is so hard! I'm not a big breakfast person, however, now i'm seeing that's actually where your main source of energy comes from ! So stack up on those eggs, oatmeal, or whatever your meal of choice may be because this will really help. It also helps if you get a good night sleep, so turn those lights out early and snooze away, trust me, you'll be thankful you did.

Hunger Pains

I'm not sure if it's just me, but even with my first pregnancy, if I didn't eat when my stomach told me so, I would throw up. Now, I always have a snack on hand, it can be grapes, apples, cereal, fiber bars, anything. Always and I mean ALWAYS, have something in arms reach because when those hunger pains hit, they hit hard.


Drink, all of the water. Especially in Miami, when a small 5 minute walk to the corner restaurant for lunch feels like you've done a full body work out for an hour. Plus, it should help with some of the mild cramping your experiencing. I have my bottle always full when i'm in the office, but it does come with the consequences of always going to the bathroom too. So be prepared.

Pre-Natal Vitamin

With Madison I took the Rainbow Lite Plant Based Vitamins and now, I can't swallow the pill to save my life. I've tried multiple times and always choke. It's so sad, so for now, I've been taking the One-A-Day pre-natal gummy vitamins because, I have to be alive to have this baby. I suggest taking your vitamins at night. They tend to have a lot of iron in them which can mess with your morning sickness more. So sleep it off while it works into your system.

Stay Active

I know having an office job takes a toll on our bodies, always sitting and typing behind a computer screen. Try your best to take a walk if not everyday, than at least twice a week. The fresh air will do you good, it will help keep you going and will be a nice habit once the baby comes and you can't stand being in the house a moment longer. If you have a fitness routine, speak with your doctor and find a personal trainer who knows how to properly keep you in shape without risk of hurting the baby or yourself. Any bit will help you "bounce back" after baby.

Preggo Brain

I'm positive this is a thing, I was slower with Madison and i'm even slower with this one. I've even gone as far as telling everyone the baby is sucking my brains out of my head already. It happens to the best of us, and my best advice is to set reminders. Set reminders on your phone, on your desktop and even leave post its around the house. Anything and everything helps.

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