Minor Baby Scare.

Pregnancies are just so different each time, for example, Madison's was such a breeze (minus the weight gain and high blood pressure). This time, things have been going if not just as smooth, then better now that I've reached my second trimester.

So when Alex and I went in to find out the gender of baby number two and do the anatomy scan, we didn't think anything of it. That was until our ultrasound technician brought in the specialist doctor after almost a 2 hour appointment.

Usually, when we go to the specialist, we never see the doctor, so you could just imagine our surprise when she walked in. We had Madison with us, so we tried to keep the energy level in the room as positive as possible as the doctor mentioned to us that our little baby's brain was still developing and babies brains are ever changing even up til 5 or 6 years of age.

Shocked, all I kept thinking was, "Is there something wrong with my babies brain?"

The doctor went on to announce that the baby's brain had not developed the cerebral spinal fluid yet, she went on to say that it was usually a genetic disorder and my blood results had come back as negative as can be but she was going to send me for another round of testing to look again. The chances of the baby not developing the fluid was 1 in 10,000. She explained that the fluid was important just because it's what stops our brains from shifting everywhere and if it wasn't there. It could cause seizures. She went on to address that we shouldn't be worried, we shouldn't over stress it and that she wanted to see us back in 3 weeks to check if baby was fine.

Could there be something wrong? The chances were very very small. However, still there.

What was the next steps if there was? I had no idea, I was in shock.

What were my thoughts? It must be a boy, they're slower at developing.

What IF there is something? How is it even possible if the doctor is even baffled?

We went on to have our gender reveal the very same weekend after the appointment. Alex and I didn't tell anyone of the scare besides our jobs to notify them of an extra important appointment we had to leave for.

We didn't see a purpose, other than most likely worrying and stressing out our family and friends over something that was only 1 out of 10,000 babies possible. Plus, to have them in our ears, asking constantly and reminding us constantly. It just wasn't gonna happen, we wanted to enjoy our time at the gender reveal and not see sad or negative emotions.

I was wrong. IT'S A GIRL.

We just had our follow up specialist appointment last Wednesday, October 24th. As crazy as it sounds, I had a feeling of ease and comfort when I left work for the appointment. I wasn't nervous, I was just ready. Ready to hear that everything was well.

The appointment lasted about an hour, no where near as long as the last one. The technician had been given directions to do a full scan of the baby once again. She checked the heart, lungs, kidneys, fingers and toes and everything in between. She was pleased, she kept telling us how perfect she looked. When we got up to the brain (which Alex and I have no idea what where looking at half the time), we kinda held our breathe. The technician then announced, "and there is the cerebral spinal fluid that cushions the brain. YAY! "

What a relief, it was there.

She went on to ask the doctor if she needed any further photos or to speak with us.

I'm glad to announce, she didn't come see us and that we did not need to go back. We were told just to keep attending our regular appointments as scheduled.

My story is thankfully a happy one to hear, however, there's still a lot of parents whom don't have the same one. So hug your loved ones a little tighter and love your babies a little longer because you never know what can happen.

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