CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

Doesn't the same old routine begin to bore you after a while? That's what was happening with my regular manual toothbrush when I was asked by Smile Brilliant to test out their new CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush.

The best part of the CariPro is the waterproof feature (moms, i'm pretty sure we're infamous for multitasking, even in the shower) along with, the 30 second intervals and pause to let you know it's time to move to the next section of your mouth.

The CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush has five modes:

Clean - standard for daily cleaning

White - the most powerful cleaning mode for removing surface stains

Massage - gentle gum pulsation for gum stimulation

Gum Care - gentle cleaning along with cleaning around the gum line

Sensitive - a lighter version of the clean mode

My personal favorite was the clean mode, it felt like I was in the dentist office getting a routine cleaning with all the power it was giving.

You'll be impressed by how much power this little brush has and the battery life with full charge is an entire 30 days! The CariPro comes with two brush heads and a charging dock for $119 ! They also have many other packages including couples, deluxe and individual in which provide more accessories to your brush.

Not sold?

A few of the benefits of the CariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush are:

Healthier mouth - the CariPro removes 7 times more plaque than a manual brush.

White Teeth - that white mode is no joke ! Coffee and wine stains be gone !

No risk - If you aren't loving your toothbrush after 60 days, you can return it !

This product is a must try and I cannot wait to hear your experiences in the comments below!

We've also teamed up for a special giveaway, just click the link below. ;)

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