Hospital Bag List.

What to bring to the hospital can seem a little overwhelming at times. I know for myself it gives me anxiety and I run into multiple rooms back and forth until my feet or back begin to give in. I've created this list in hopes to help my fellow mommas to try and not stress out about what to pack when it comes time to get seriously ready for babies arrival.

I also threw in what to bring for baby and your significant other.


For Mama:

Documents: Photo ID, Health Insurance Card and Hospital Forms (I suggest trying to pre-register at the hospital you plan on giving birth if you can) .

Electronics: Cameras, Chargers, Tablets, Phones or whatever you plan on using to capture any special moment you wish to have. (extra up batteries are a great idea).

Clothes: A robe, at least 3 pairs of socks, 2 maternity bras, postpartum underwear, loose pajamas and don't forget about an outfit to go home in (I plan on wearing sweatpants and a light loose sweater).

Shoes: gripped slippers to walk around the room in, beach sandals for the shower and flat slip on shoes to go home in.

Toiletries: Toothbrush, hairbrush, lip balm, deodorant and then the smaller travel sized items such as, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and face wash. Target sells empty bottles in which you can fill with your current products if you don't feel the need to re purchase in a smaller container for $3.00 which is what I've done.

Extra Personal Items: Bath towel, hair dryer or flat iron, hair ties, make up, your own pillow, nursing pads, maternity pads, and breast feeding pillow.


For the baby:

Body suits and pants: I've packed about 4 outfits for baby sister, at least two are different sizes because who knows what she'll fit into.

Socks: keep those tiny toes warm !

Mittens: they always scratch their faces so quickly.

Hats: keep that head nice and toasty.

Blanket: swaddles are your best friend.

Burp cloth: spit up happens.

Going home outfit: we're reusing Madison's gorgeous dress that she hated and screamed the whole way home in. #goodluck

Car seat: have it already installed with a car seat insert, newborns are so tiny and car seats seem to be huge in comparison.


For your partner:

Small Pillow: something comfortable for him

Outfits: sweatpants, jeans, shirts, underwear, pajamas, sock, the works !

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, hair products, shampoos, conditioner, body wash.

Glasses: bring a spare, you never know.

Shoes: regular shoes and beach sandals for that hospital shower!

Electronics: tablets, cameras, back up batteries and chargers. It'll be needed.

Snacks/Drinks: go ahead and let him pig out, he's just as stressed.

Gifts for older sibling(s): it doesn't need to be a grand gift, it can be something small, we're giving Madison her own baby to take care of with bottle and all !


A little extra advice, if you are or are not breastfeeding, have the nurses ask the babies pediatrician which formula they recommend for baby to have.

You never know what can happen while your on your breast feeding journey so it's better to be safe than sorry.

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