Birth Story - Welcome Riley Alexandra

On Thursday afternoon, at my regular doctor appointment, my doctors decided to schedule me to be induced Sunday night, to deliver Monday morning due to my low amniotic fluid and Riley's growth restriction. I would be 39 weeks already and Riley would no longer be considered pre mature (even though she was only measuring as 35 weeks). WE MADE IT !

The doctor also requested for me to come in on Saturday, February 23rd, for a routine ultrasound to confirm what my latest AFI reading was and to confirm Riley was doing well physically. I thought nothing of the appointment, I had actually broken my phone's screen Friday morning when I dropped it and I had scheduled an appointment with Apple to repair it as soon as I was done with the doctors visit.

During the ultrasounds, they measured my AFI, it dropped from an 8 to a 7. They checked her breathing, heart rate and everything looked well. However, she wasn't moving. Riley's had plenty of appointments where she doesn't move, she's a deep sleeper (like me). I've been in ultrasound appointments for an hour and a half because she's been so stubborn and is too comfortable to wake up.

However, this new technician wasn't having it. She went to the nurse practitioner after trying to give me cold water and crackers to help awaken Riley and to still have no movements other than her breathing movements on her belly. They requested that I go straight to the hospital to be admitted to have Riley Sunday morning instead of Monday.

As soon as we left for the hospital, we quickly realized that Madison (who was with us) needed to be dropped off with Alex's mom and I needed to retrieve my hospital bag, camera and the babies bag. While trying to figure out what was actually going to happen, Alex kept Madison with us until I was admitted and we knew for sure what was going to happen.


Once Alex left to go drop Madison off and pick up our things, I stayed comfortable in my room and waited patiently while watching tv.

When the nurse came in, she had a confused look on her face. It seemed my heart rate was not normal. It was jumping up and down at an unexplainable rate. I've never had heart problems before and I was completely stunned by it because I literally didn't even feel anything happening to my body. The nurse checked my pulse, and asked if I had a heart murmur or anything I was aware of that would affect my heart rate, which I don't.

After she spoke with the doctor, he requested they have a cardiologist come do an EKG and see what was happening.

I was still alone, without a phone.

Once Alex got there, I shared the news with him about the cardiologist. He said okay, however, his face looked worried. Riley wasn't very active, now I was having a cardiologist come check me out. I must admit, things were not looking great but when the cardiologist came into the room and they performed the EKG, he found it was in fact there but assured me it was in relation to being pregnant. He explained how we tend to pump twice as much blood through our heart since we're obviously pumping for two instead of one and it should regulate itself pretty soon after birth. He didn't seem any kind of worried which was a relief, but did suggest to come back in afterwards and double check things.

Finally, some we had some good news.


Later that night, after they proceeded to induce me. They noticed Riley's heart rate was rather high. I tried to hold off as long as I could on the epidural (which I now look back on and realize was a stupid idea), the nurse gave me another medication which helped me sleep, for only an hour. However, it felt like they were really trying to hold me off on the epidural for as long as possible. I don't know why, but with all of the complications happening, pretty sure it was for a reason.

After a night of contractions and keeping Alex awake, around 7:45AM, I finally woke up for the remainder of the morning and asked Alex to help me to the bathroom and back into bed when I had this giant urge to throw my life up. Of course, that's when they were switching out nurses for the day so I welcomed my new nurse with a puke bag and an urgent request for epidural. I was so miserable. Dizzy, nauseas and in pain, she asked if I wanted to hold off for another hour til it was time to remove the cervidil (why must they keep trying to hold me off of the epidural? Who wants to purposely be in pain when theres something to help), I quickly told her "no way, I really do need it."

Finally, after the epidural was in I was in total heaven and I could finally get some rest.


After 45 minutes of my nap, I was woken up by my nurse.

Riley's heart rate was too low now.

She requested me to move to my right side and she brought in some sugar water to try and get Riley's heart rate back up (another complication). She proceeded to keep waking me up and moving me every 20-30 minutes, Riley's heart rate was still not increasing.

During my last short nap, I woke up with a giant urge to push. It woke me up right away and as I woke up, in walked the doctor and nurse looking very serious and concerned. Before they bothered to mention anything to me, the doctor checked to see if I was anymore dilated than the 3cm I had been 3 hours before.

All he said was, "Oh, this baby is coming right now. Call the pediatrician."

They were definitely about to have me go in for a c-section since I heard the nurse tell the pediatrician, "The c section is not happening anymore, she's about to push. You should come now."

Talk about dodging a bullet, Riley was finally working with us rather than against us.

Within about 5 minutes, she was out!

A whole 19 1/2 inches long, 5 pounds and 15 oz.

Riley Alexandra finally arrived.

Her blood sugar was a little low. She was a bit jittery which only gave us about 15 minutes with her rather than the normal 1-2 hours they give parents before sending the babies to the nursery. We were happy with it as we were expecting to not spend anytime with her due to all the complications we had faced during the pregnancy and labor.

Her blood sugar did regulate by later that evening and didn't even need to be checked again the next day. We now have a beautiful, brunette baby girl in our arms and we all couldn't feel more complete.

Welcome Riley Alexandra !

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