Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers.

For us adults, rainy days are the perfect lazy days where we can stay in pajamas all day and just binge watch our favorite show. For toddlers, it can be pretty frustrating to be stick in doors all day so here's are a few ideas I've come up with to help keep not just your little ones sanity but your own as well:

1. Paint - it might be messy, but designating a particular area for them and laying down some newspaper is usually a way to avoid having to do a major cleaning.

2. Read Books - books always keep kids entertained, find their favorite characters and you can even ask them to read to you for a change !

3. Learning Flash Cards - ABC, Shapes, Numbers there are so many different ones and some even come as a game for you to do !

4. Board Games - Madison loves Jenga ! Attempting to keep the tower standing while removing tiles is cool and all but the real fun is when the tower falls over.

5. Rent a Movie - On Amazon Prime you can rent just about any movie you would like to watch, Apple TV as well, if you don't want to spend the money, just put on an old DVD !

6. Freeze Dance - dance parties are always a good idea && a great way to teach your little the word freeze has different meanings ! We use our Amazon Dot and tell Alexa to play Baby Shark.

7. Lego Blocks - we love to build castles with our blocks && play with Maddie's toys in it with our Little People Princess dolls !

8. Bubble Bath - Bring in all the water toys in && just let them have a blast !

9. Play sand/ Play doh/ Play foam - less of a mess than paint for sure and just as fun.

10. Tea Party - have some fun teaching your little some manners while you enjoy yummy treats and juice !

11. Puzzles - do it with them && then let them try and do it again but this time, alone.

12. Make Lunch/Dinner together - wether it's rubbing the seasoning into the meat, or dropping the rice into the cooker, they'll be happy just helping you.

13. Hide and Seek - either you or your little can hide, or you can hide an item and have them search for it !

14. Scoop and Transfer - you can do this activity with tubber ware, water, a spoon and toys, have your toddler scoop up their toy from the water bin and transfer it to the dry bin.

15. Photo shoot - hopefully your toddler loves to pose, because dress up and photoshoots can be so much fun !

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