How I Start My Year

Happy New Year friends ! I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and started the year on the right foot. If you don't feel like you did, there's always time to change it.


When Alex and I first moved out together, I was always and I mean, always struggling to keep up with our bill payment dates. That's when an old friend recommended, a daily planner. That was in 2015, til this day in 2021 I still use one. I refuse to go the electronic route cause well, sometimes phones and laptops don't always work how we wish they would, no matter the price we paid for them.

First, I purchase my monthly/weekly planner for the year. This year, I purchased this one.

I don't ever go for the giant fancy ones because honestly, this is just how I keep track of simple things.

It's also nice to have nice writing pens or markers so get you excited as well, these are the ones I use !

I write all my bill payments down each month, fill in birthdays and now with Madison in school, days that she has off on the monthly section of it.

On the week days portion, I have been beginning to write down Madison's before class journal so I don't have to keep referring back to a distorted email on my phone. I want to begin meal planning as well and using it for that because I'm so tired of eating the same recipes week after week.

Click the photos to purchase your own set of pens & planners !

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