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How often do you travel with your significant other? Alex and I try to do this a few times a year when it is financially doable. We usually do small weekend trips to Orlando but this year we were lucky to have stumbled upon the opportunity to fly to Seattle and visit his cousin.

What do we do with the girls? We're lucky and blessed enough to have parents who are willing and able to watch them while we are gone. Without them, it would either not happen or we would be traveling with the girls.

We try and stay with family or friends so we don't have to pay for hotel and be able to use that extra money for things we want to do. If not, we search and search for cheapest hotels that don't look like there cockroach infested.


We had so much fun on our trip to Seattle this year, I have got to share.

We had a stop in Denver which was a 6 hour layover, we took advantage of it to explore Larimer Street which was full of the college kids. We found a small hole in the wall sports bar and had ourselves a few drinks and even a shot to warm our bodies up from the 30 degree weather.

We gave ourselves plenty of time to make it back to the airport which was allowing guests to ice skate for free. Alex and I decided it would be fun and a great way to kill

time before our flight which was still two hours away. Once we were done ice skating (which wasn't very long, you know, cause altitude) we ate and drank some more because it is vacation after all.

When we arrived in Seattle, Alex's cousin, Linda and her boyfriend, Oriol picked us up and welcomed us into their home and became the best tour guides we could've asked for. They took us everywhere we asked to see and showed us some of the best Asian restaurants in town.

Our first day in Seattle, we were able to experience Pike Place and even get coffee from the first Starbucks. We were able to watch them throw giant fishes around just like in the movies, and walked around the famous and gross Gum Wall.

We went on The Seattle Great Wheel where I learned I have a new fear of heights making it almost impossible for me to go on the Space Needle the following day. On our last day, we explored the Seattle Public Library and had specialty coffee and sandwiches from the beautiful Starbucks Reserve.

Right before we went, I found out about this event at the T Mobile Park called Enchant Christmas Seattle where they had a Christmas lights maze which was just beautiful beyond words and something different to experience from what Miami has to offer.

Exploring and seeing different things is what life is all about and sometimes doing it with kids can become stressful. I highly recommend trying to get even just one trip away with your spouse because when you get to experience these things, it really brings you closer together.

What's one trip you would love to do with your spouse? Next on my list is to go to Tennessee and bar hop in Nashville!

Here's some more pictures from our trip in Seattle!

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