Working Remotely During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken it's hit on us here in Miami, a lot of us parents are now working remotely and it gives us a whole new respect to teachers, grandparents and stay at home parents. I'm here to share a few tips that have helped my sanity while trying to deal with work calls, due dates and kids.

  1. Wake up early - if you know your kids generally wake up between 7:30 - 8:00 AM, then do yourself a favor and wake up at least 30 minutes prior just to enjoy that small frame of peace and hot coffee. You might not get lucky everyday but even two - three times a week is a win.

  2. Don't expect much - some days will be better than others, some days you'll be able to finish that project in one hour and some days it'll take a week. It happens and people will understand because they'll be in the same boat as well.

  3. Spend time together - us adults aren't the only one stressed over COVID-19, our kids might not show it but they do feel it. Take things off their mind by playing tea, dress up or superheros. Even 15 - 30 minutes of playing with them can lead up to another 30 minutes to focus on work while they play independently.

  4. Work Outside - give the kids, bubbles, chalk or a sensory bin that they can get messy with. This will give you a good amount of time to get things done while the kids tire themselves out!

  5. Bath time - fill that tub up, drop in a few toys and let them splash away! The girls always play in the tub for a good half hour.

  6. Nap time - enforce this, don't take no for an answer, this is YOUR time to focus for a solid hour (if lucky).

  7. Books - if your kid is to old for a nap, then make it reading time. If your little one is to small to read alone, let them flip through the pages. Get a ton of books so they can explore different worlds.

  8. Coloring/Stickers/Blocks/Take a break - Color time ! Take a small break, get them set up with coloring, stickers or even use this as a small break for yourself to build Elsa's ice castle. They'll enjoy the company and remember, you don't get this opportunity often. Take a moment and take it in, we might be dealing with a virus but we're blessed to watch our kids grow up during this time instead of being chained to a desk.

  9. Screen time - I said it and I think more parents are beginning to understand it and utilize it to their advantage now. ABC Mouse has been our favorite lately, fun games while learning. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

We don't ever get our time back, once it's gone, it's lost forever. So when you get angry, which we all have our days, try to sit back and take a deep breathe. We don't get to watch our kids grow up everyday like this. Appreciate what life has given us instead of what it's taken away.

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